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Megapoop from Schelin

Megapoop from Schelin

Tags: pooping girl big ass huge poop ... more tags
Added: 2016.08.30, Duration: 02:01
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Mega shit from Schelin
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Fake. That's not digested food that's gone through her system. Brown substance pumped up her ass and then forced back out.
2020-12-29 14:32:21
David Watts
I just learned she had her own online store selling her hot and juicy freshly shitted turds in airtight sealed wrappings. Too bad it's been taken down 'cause I would have totally bought one of those wonderful monsters of hers
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2019-10-27 09:31:02
I sure would have loved to catch that big solid turd in my hand, I would have needed both hands.
2019-10-27 09:27:34
alibaba- You are right, that second turd came later, she had the same clothes on, but in the first one some of her hair was hanging out below her skirt. In the second shitting the hair was not there. None-the-less this was an awesome Bowel Movement. The first turd was totally awesome, it really hit the plate.
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2 different colors = 2 different days... scam to make us believe that she shit this all load at the same time...
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Alex All
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I want all of it
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Goddamn that was just unreal! Love her white boots, too!
2018-09-25 02:00:55
2018-07-21 15:38:47
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I'll bet her shit smells real nice.
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Schelin can come over to my place and shit anytime she wants to. I would love to catch her big turd in my hand.
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I think she did the second part of her shit a day or two later.
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