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2017-07-23 22:38:33
This is a far cry from what I am used to with Girls. I had a girlfriend that would not let me come in the bathroom with her. She finally gave in one day when she really had to take a shit. When she sat down on the toilet, I asked her to move forward so I could see her shit come out-she did. She was doing a very nice solid blonde poopie that I put my hand there and caught it in my hand. She was just horrified that I had her shit in my hand. She was very upset about it, she broke up with me the next day. I don't want any more Girls like her.
2017-07-23 22:30:08
I just love watching all these beautiful sexy Girls taking a shit and showing it as if they really enjoy doing this. I don't know where all these beautiful Girls come from, but it is really nice to see.
2017-07-23 13:48:24
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2017-07-22 06:41:10
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2017-07-20 21:17:29
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2017-07-19 04:34:33
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